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Dorje Camps Sarchu

Welcome to Dorje Camps at Sarchu. A unique camping experience at Sarchu awaits you. Experience the trail of western Himalayan cold deserts that lead your way to Leh Ladakh.

Facilities at Dorje Camps Sarchu

Dorje Camps at Sarchu is known to provide best in the class equipment and accessories. We have all the imported accessories and commodities at your disposal. Our well experienced and well qualified staff will ensure that your comfort levels meet all the current standards provided by any other camp at Sarchu. Please check the list below for the available facilities.

  1. Total no of tents : 20
  2. Tent type : Swiss Cottage Tents.
  3. Fully waterproof with double layer canvas.
  4. Size of the Tents : 10 by 11 feet for rooms.
  5. Size of Tents for bathrooms : 4 by 11 feet.
  6. Furniture in all rooms.
  7. Toilets with english type seat.
  8. Hot water supply.
  9. Dining Hall : 18 by 26 feet. Can easily accomodate 40 people.
  10. Indian, Chinese and continental food served. Special preparations on customer’s request.
  11. Food served in buffet.
  12. Warm quilts and blankets in all rooms.
  13. Power backup.
  14. Oxygen cylinders.
  15. Hot water bottle for elderly.
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